Battle Studies; Ancient and Modern Battle by Ardant du Picq. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Download This eBook. Battle studies; ancient and modern battle. by: Ardant du Picq, Charles Jean Jacques Joseph, ; Greely, DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Battle Studies: Ancient and Modern Battle (Classic Reprint) [Ardant Du Picq] on Beyond that, it is simply meant to be a study of how men actually fight, and.

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Every forthcom ing m ilitary study of the cam . com pleted because of the glorious death of Ardant du. P ic q. . VII PURPOSE OF TH IS STUDY A ND WH A T Is NECES SA RY Extract from the correspondence of Colonel Ardant da Picq. Colonel Ardant du Picq's ”Battle Studies” is a French military classic. presented in Appendices I-V, and a Study on Combat, with which the. Colonel was. A new English translation of Ardant du Picq's classic Battle Studies, introduced The Purpose of This Study and What Would Be Necessary to.

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Book Excerpt:. But it cannot dominate it completely. I do not deny the glorious examples where discipline and devotion have elevated man above himself.

But if these examples are glorious, it is because they are rare; if they are admired, it is because they are considered exceptions, and the exception proves the rule. The determination of that instant where man loses his reasoning power and becomes instinctive is the crowning achievement in the science of combat.

In general, here was the strength of the Roman tactics. In particular cases such successful determination makes Hannibals and Caesars.

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Combat took place between masses in more or less deep formation commanded and supervised by leaders with a definite mission. The combat between masses was a series of individual conflicts, juxtaposed, with the front rank man alone fighting.

If he fell, if he was wounded or worn out, he was replaced by the man of the second rank who had watched and guarded his flanks. Read More Community Reviews 5.

Let us study the heart, not in modern battle, complicated and not readily grasped, but in ancient battle. For, although nowhere explained in detail, ancient battle was simple and clear.

Centuries have not changed human nature. Passions, instincts, among them the most powerful one of self-preservation, may be manifested in various ways according to the time, the place, the character and temperament of the race. Thus in our times we can admire, under the same conditions of danger, emotion and anguish, the calmness of the English, the dash of the French, and that inertia of the Russians which is called tenacity.

But at bottom there is always found the same man. It is this man that we see disposed of by the experts, by the masters, when they organize and discipline, when they order detailed combat methods and take general dispositions for action.

The best masters are those who know man best, the man of today and the man of history. This knowledge naturally comes from a study of formations and achievements in ancient war.

The development of this work leads us to make such an analysis, and from a study of combat we may learn to know man.

Let us go even back of ancient battle, to primeval struggle.

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In progressing from the savage to our times we shall get a better grasp of life. And shall we then know as much as the masters?

No more than one is a painter by having seen the methods of painting.Falli omnesque vivendum eos ad, ei hinc diceret eos. Du Picq argues that any tactic or maneuver on the battlefield should be evaluated primarily for its moral effect.

The determination of that instant where man loses his reasoning power and becomes instinctive is the crowning achievement in the science of combat. Spiller A classic of military thought that merits a place alongside the works of Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, Battle Studies was first published in Paris ten years after the death of its author, French army officer Charles Ardant du Picq — Reque officiis splendide per cu, delenit accusata nec an.

He believed the answer lay in the social cohesion of the unit—the mutual responsibility of soldiers to one another. Ardant recognized the French army's operational deficiencies and intellectual bankruptcy.