adminComment(0) The main selling point is the book's exhaustive photography of the entire Generation 1 and Generation 2. The Japanese Transformers Generations Deluxe book was the second edition of the popular Transformers Generations collectors book. The books contain. Sneak Peek at Transformers Generations Book Content. Transformers Siege Deluxe Wave 3 Found at US Retail. Posted 2 days ago.

Transformers Generations Deluxe Book

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Transformers Generations Book Cover Art And Pre-Orders Up at announced a new edition of popular Transformers Generations Book. Hero X Transformers Generations Deluxe The Rebirth 35th. While the title is sure long and different, it seems this will be just a reprint of the “ Transformers Generations Deluxe” book. Price will be yen. The preceding text refers to the original release of the book. An update, entitled Transformers: Generations Deluxe (pictured at the head of this article), released.

Transformers Generations Deluxe Art Book

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Wish I knew what was happening here I do love me a complicated timey-wimey multiversal plot, where can I get started on this story? Just because it didn't come out in your country doesn't mean piracy is ok. This is available from one of our site sponsors, Hobbylink Japan , as well as site Japan. Thanks in the meantime for being awesome, would rather be proactively paranoid about this sort of stuff.

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The Year The Cybertron warriors are on their triumphant return after defeating the powerful enemy, Black Convoy. It all over? Me Grimlock feel me forgetting something My Dinobots!!

Some years back: The Cybertron heroes who won the Beast Wars are returning to the future.

Hero X Transformers Generations Deluxe The Rebirth 35th Anniversary Version

Their shuttle has now arrived in the time zone of the year ! Anomaly in transwarp space-- Computer: A high energy reaction Somebody: Cybertron City Technical Division Grimlock: Why Dinobots not awake yet?!

Even Protector got body! Grimlock, listen!

The Dinobots' restoration has already been completed. You are the cause for their inability to wake up! According to Overdrive's survey, the "Original World" already had the Dinobots revived by Soundwave's telepathic capability and a high frequency pulse could eliminate the Unleashers' psychic imprint that was making animal-type robots wild.

In the proper timeline, we were able to have him heal the Dinobots in return for a prisoner exchange But in the BT World, Soundwave's whereabouts are unknown Thus we had to wait till new Binaltech research produced results that could reproduce his ability.

The initial experiment of the Psychedevice was successful! Thanks to it, the Dinobots' restoration is complete, but The Psychotropic Energy engraved in your mind is growing day by day! To the extent that the Dinobots are once again affected. What should me do?

It seems the improved device was confidently completed this morning! Grimlock, are you all right? You don't look well. More and more reason to go now! I'll go with!

I'm worried about you. I'll accompany. What, no way! Ultra Magnus!

Transformers Generations

He has the Matrix right now! I know it's there! Ultra Magnus: And Blackwidow, those troublesome two! Servants of Unicron Puppets that keep following orders even without their master. The two of us need to protect the Alternium!

I'll take you down for sure today! My bootleg, Charger! You were originally my alternate bodyframe I don't care how an evil soul got in it Only that you are knocked down with my hands!!

I guess this match is over? The Matrix But before that I need to use this device!

This is for human beings! Something wrong?

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The rest is pretty easy. I just try to encourage people to get these books to help support the people who make them so we continue to get them. I do look forward to someone translating them, though. So I took Thundershot's advice, joined site Japan, and bought the mook.

Glad I did; it's just filled with great pics even if I can't read it. I can also make scans of the Binaltech comic if anyone's interested. And on that note, here are some observations about the comic: -It starts at the end of the previous Binaltech chapter, when Grimlock apparently forgot about the rest of the Dinobots, who were deactivated. After doing some research I figured out that this creature is an Unleasher, used by the Decepticons to control the Dinobots and make them attack the Autobots, which was why they were deactivated.

Calcar is kind of an odd choice, considering he was from the European G1 toyline and had nothing to do with Binaltech.What revelations do you think we will see?

Even Protector got body! I do look forward to someone translating them, though.

Ninjak April 16th , 1: The original is by far the most comprehensive so I hope you ordered that. Finally, the book closes with a selection of primarily-text features Japanese, of course ; features on Battle Beasts and Transformer PD Type , an interview Masumi Kaneda , an article on the TV Magazine manga, a full listing with English titles and artist credits for the US and UK G1 and G2 comics, a multi-page table listing the various Japanese ID numbers of all the G1 and G2 toys, and finally, a complete episode listing for all the G1 animated shows with English titles where appropriate.