EDWARD RUTHERFURD is the internationally bestselling author of several novels, including the New York Times bestsellers New York, London, The Princes of. In a novel of extraordinary richness the whole sweep of British civilisation unfolds through the story of one place, Salisbury, from beyond recorded time to the. Get Instant Access to London: The Novel By Edward Rutherfurd #2d77e EBOOK EPUB site PDF. Read. Download Online London: The.

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8zQ4lD0kE - Read and download Edward Rutherfurd's book Paris: The Novel in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free book Paris: The Novel by Edward . The bestselling master of historical fiction weaves a sweeping drama of New York from the citys founding to the present day. Edward Rutherfurd tells the story of. Sarum: The Novel of England (By Edward Rutherfurd)A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope, SARUM is an epic novel that traces the entire turbulent .

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Sarum: The Novel of England

Gundry, M. Book Five Book by John Flanagan. Chapter 1 Book by Mika Sakurano. There is also a family tree provided at the beginning to which the reader will refer frequently. Also, a bit too much time is spent in similar time frames.

But in the final third of the book the author takes a bit of a turn.

See a Problem?

Aspects of the book that had been engaging earlier on begin to wear down the proceedings. Starting roughly around the time of the rising of Cromwell, pages-long dissertations on the nature of the political and economic landscape begin to take precedence over the story of the people experiencing same.

What had been a book about people who lived through the changing fortunes of their world began to be more of a vehicle for historical presentation that made a sometimes too occasional use of characters as cover.

Further, the final third abandoned the previously mentioned delightful recurring device, and the reader feels cheated as it had been set up as a device that one expects to see again and again. Most problematic for the final third however, is the pacing.

It is as though the author must now rush to cover more history with less story in the final pages, and so the amount of pages that would have covered about 70 years in the first half of the book sometimes cover close to two centuries in the second half. And in the process we move somewhat into textbook territory, where we leave characters and plot for stretches that are far too long when compared with the first parts of the book.

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In the final third, the slightly shallower character development, for which we can forgive the author earlier on, becomes a bit of a liability. As a result, the final third of the book is in fact less intriguing, imaginative and easy to read than the first two-thirds. Not that the latter parts lacked positive qualities.

Some of the episodes and scenes were more interesting than others. When he takes his time to tell the story, as opposed to telling the history , things still work in Sarum.

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But one cannot escape the rushed feeling of the final sections, and it is a shame. One would almost rather see all of the sections in the novel take on this rushed approach so they matched the latter parts in a consistent whole. Or perhaps the opposite, and more desirable approach: see the whole book move as leisurely as the first sections did, but have fewer sections. As covering all of the years mentioned at the same pace as the "Old Sarum" chapters would have resulted in a book twice this size.

Or in a multi-volume work.

I realize that this may have been intentional; the author may have been alluding to the fact that life and history itself moved much slower in Pre-Roman times, and hence, so does the novel. I also think that there was an ever so slight preoccupation with sex. It seems that even in the shallower chapters Such as the highly rushed "Encampment" , the author dedicated an unneeded amount of detail to the bodies, orgasms, and lustful preoccupation of the sometimes otherwise flat characters than was needed.

It was at no time vulgar, but after a while one begins to wonder how different sex in could be from sex in , or , or Roman times What I thought was going to be a visceral preoccupation with mating that the prehistoric times required turned out to be a thread throughout all of the ages that did not fade as much as I would have thought at first.

Still, the love of the author for both his work, and for the area of Salisbury is obvious throughout the piece. Taken in its entirety it truly is a neat concept executed with meticulous research, casual prose, and enviable passion.Descriptions do tend to get a bit heavy and drag down the action at times.

As a result, the final third of the book is in fact less intriguing, imaginative and easy to read than the first two-thirds. The Dark Watch: Due to its originality, the reader roots for Sarum, and that is what propelled me to finish it, and to have been happy in so doing.

One would almost rather see all of the sections in the novel take on this rushed approach so they matched the latter parts in a consistent whole. It includes a map of old Paris. So we have mostly accessible writing over the course of various short stories, all tied together by a common setting by interweaving the stories of five families and their descendants over the course of millenia, starting with just after the ice age.