My simple answer is to dedicate this book to those fans for their somehow managing to complete my farewell speech, I was having a conversation with my family, be completely honest, as that's the way I have always played the game. To ask other readers questions about Playing It My Way, please sign up. .. thing about this book is the complete frankness with which the entire thing is written. Playing It My Way is the autobiography of former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. It was launched on 5 November in Mumbai. The book summarises.

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The books featured on this site are aimed primarily at readers aged 13 or Playing It My Way Andrew Strauss: Coming into Play - My Life in Test Cricket. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Sachin Tendulkar made his Test debut in Pakistan at the The only time I saw him live in a stadium finds a mention in his book as well, which was a pleasant surprise! for his personal records - centuries, # of is a constant theme about these numbers in the entire book. Playing It My Way: My Autobiography - Ebook written by Sachin Tendulkar. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices.

It wasn't the only time I did so in my career. When it was his turn to bat he scored a majestic , his first hundred against Australia in Australia.

Clearly we were seeing a genius in our midst. How can these stories not be written up for millions for fans to savour?

How can Sachin, a treasure trove of such stories, not open up to tell us his story in his own words? Playing it My Way was waiting to be written. After many hours of trying to emphasize the seriousness of the project, Sachin, the obsessive perfectionist, was ready. He agreed that the book would be his legacy a years down the line and also realised that we couldn't wait to start after he had called it a day. Doing so would mean we would lose valuable time and it wasn't the best idea.

Documenting a two and a half decade long cricketing life was a mammoth project and to do it well we needed substantial time. An immediate start was a necessity.

Many a mock session was conducted in his 19A Perry Cross Road Bungalow in West Bandra discussing the structure and work flow before we were both convinced that we were ready to get off the blocks. Anjali and Ajit joined in some of these sessions and that helped a great deal.

Each of them helped Sachin on the way and in no time confidentiality agreements were signed and it was decided that we'd select themes and record a particular incident or episode in one particular session. Symonds thought he had called him a monkey and a controversy that still rages today was born.

Playing It My Way

He thought it was a wind up. Sachin loves Nasser Hussain The book touches upon almost every match Sachin played at international level but is surprisingly thin on detail of contests against England. However, one section will be cut out and pinned on the wall of the Hussain household. He was an excellent strategist and, even if some of his tactics occasionally bordered on the negative, he was a very good thinker on the game and was proactive.

It seems Chappell failed to realise that was the case anyway. Sachin Tendulkar's memories of the Cricket World Cup final. Can England win the World Cup? He even cried when his father told him he was retiring.

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Sachin describes in his book how his wife had told their son not to rise to criticism of his father from school friends. Indian players had a gun pulled on them in a London tube train Not an incident involving Sachin directly but he reveals in his book how Navjot Singh Sidhu and Sourav Ganguly got in to a confrontation on a tube train in London hard to believe it could happen to such mild-mannered men … which ended with a gun being pulled on them.

It started in when a painful wrist injury required a cortisone injection. I would learn to play with soft hands without damaging things in our living room.

Before the limos Just as the helmet and pads became a part of me while batting, so the kitbag became an extension of me on the bus. Sachin loves his food He reveals how he dined in KFC and fish and chips while playing for Yorkshire and became an expert in how to maximise the salad bar in Pizza Hut.

We could then fill it with as much salad as we wanted. But being a true pro Sachin left the chips. Or a recollection of the dressing room and Team India over three decades of triumphs, losses, fun and heartbreak. Not a series of match reports and stilted retelling of stale anecdotes.

There are tantalising glimpses, though, of what the book could have been: mastering the back-foot punch to counter the Australian pacers on the tour, his reading of Murali's doosra, changing his stance to duck Allan Donald's bouncers during the tour, playing with tissues in his underwear due to a bad stomach during his 97 against Sri Lanka in WC , the extent and number of injuries he carried in the second half of his long career, a couple of pages on the flip side of fame and how it affects the family, a relatively more personal account of winding down and retirement.

One takeaway is, reading between the lines as a whole, a little better understanding about his character - obsessed about high performance and standards, somewhat self-centred in his view, trying too hard to justify himself.

Or maybe I felt that because of the high number of "I"s in the book.

'Playing It My Way' wins prestigious award, named Book of the Year

It would be interesting to research on the self-centredness of the top achievers; beyond the Viv swagger and the Pietersen brashness, most seem to cater to W. Grace's "They came to see me bat not you bowl". Everything and everyone, including their own teammates, is but a 'support' system, carrying on from when everyone had tried to nurture their prodigious talents when a child. An absolute belief in one's superiority, to be able to alter perceptive reality.

Here, for instance, Sachin is always dismissed by a ball that didn't swing as much as expected never that he misread the swing , or gets out to the only ball that swung or spun in the entire match. When, without any assumed hesitation, he states that he could contribute the best when opening because he felt most comfortable there, it's implied that his contributing was the most crucial to India winning.

The book overall is quite similar to Gavaskar's Sunny Days , which was again an underwhelming work on its own right. While especially for sportsmen, whose careers and lives are of interest only to the generation that has watched them would you download the autobiography of Viv Richards or Don Bradman today?And in making his choices, Tendulkar's emphasis on family values, on the team being greater than the individual, on the inspiration of the national flag, on being the wronged man, on reducing matches to his individual contributions, all speak of someone who wants that particular self-portrait.

As a public figure, Tendulkar is politically correct, image-conscious, wears his patriotism on his sleeve, is the ideal Indian hero - not a hair out of place, not a word out of turn, espousing family values at all times; in private he is far more interesting, mischievous, full of beans, a prankster and a mimic.

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A Million Broken Windows: Was one of the very 'first-few' readers of this book in the locality! But being a true pro Sachin left the chips.

Infamous ones like Multan '04 and the Chappel saga aside, lots of lots of anecdotes are found throughout the book. Flipkart User. India came close to leaving Australia tour Prince of Cricketers. You are a cricketer and sportsman.