Results 1 - 22 of 22 Sharadiya Jyotish Siddhanta Price: Rs Rs. 90 10% off. Edited By: Dr Ramkrishna Sastri Out Of Stock. Results 1 - 72 of 72 Our Bestseller. Sahaj Path Collection · Paye Paye Kolkata · Oitihasik Kahini Samagra · Tapabhumi Narmada Uttartat O Dakshintat 2 Vol Set. I think, you can try these Bengali books to learn astrology properly- 1. Cheiro Omnibas Bangla astrology digital book (Cheiro Omnibas Bangla.

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The main features of Khana's Bachans are agricultural wisdom or advice. Khana also included livestock and dairy farming as important tools for agriculture and livelihood.

She gives a lot of importance to paddy as the most important crop then and now. She also was an ecologist and encouraged the merits of local fruits rich in food nutrients such as banana.

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His knowledge was supposed to be unparalleled. The present book will throw light on ancient folk literature and merits of indigenous knowledge. Khana, a Bengali woman, is the compiler of these verses. She was an expert astrologer too. Her verses were the most basic guidelines for traditional agriculture in Bangladesh.

In some of her verses astronomical influences on agriculture are present too. This indicates the psychological condition of the farmer before going to work. Khana says if someone follows this suggestion he definitely will have good harvest.

Then we had traced the name of one published work of which we could not get our hand on which is supposed to be most authentic. Unfortunately getting this one document scanned, sent to various people who knew astrology and Bengali both, begging them to translate took us years.

Finally one girl got it translated from Bengali to Hindi and then it was sent to Baroda astrologer B.

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Parmar who started translating it but took time due to his old age and other engagements. In total 6 people were approached who promised to translate and every time after months of constant tireless follow up we discovered that none were doing it, at a time we felt that maybe there is nothing of importance in this work of Khanna and that might be true eventually but that is the process of publishing, you spend a long time hunting for a manuscript, long time hunting for a scholar who understands astrology and that language, then after months and years you find out if there is anything worth in it.

So in total it took us 2 years of constant efforts to get this out and still nothing substantial to publish here. Categories in Books.

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Bingshotari Dashabichar. Sharadiya Jyotish Siddhanta Edited By: Lal Granah.

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Classically known in Indian and Western astrology as the "head and tail of the dragon", these planets are represented as a serpent-bodied demon beheaded by the Sudarshan Chakra of Vishnu after attempting to swallow the sun.

They are primarily used to calculate the dates of eclipses. They are described as "shadow planets" because they are not visible in the night sky.

They have an orbital cycle of 18 years and are always degrees from each other. Gocharas — transits[ edit ] A natal chart shows the position of the grahas at the moment of birth.

Since that moment, the grahas have continued to move around the zodiac, interacting with the natal chart grahas. This period of interaction is called gochara Sanskrit : gochara, 'transit'.Lagno Fal Bichar.

Practical Hat Dekha Shikhun. Lal kitab.

They are calculated from the orbits of the Sun and Moon in relation to the Earth. The reason for her name of Khanna is after her tongue was cut, still she would stutter and predict and thus her name got changed to Khanna is one version of the story.